Services Provided

Individual Psychotherapy : An in depth exploration of the origins of beliefs, behaviors, and issues that create problems or block an individual's potential.

Marriage Counseling : Resolution of relationship problems caused by issues related to Communication, Trust, and Control.

Family Therapy : Exploration of the dynamics of the problems and methods for the family to use to deal with them.

Group Psychotherapy : A process in which a number of clients explore their individual and relationship issues together in an environment of safety and trust.

Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapy : This process involves everything found in Individual Psychotherapy with the addition of the exploration of spiritual beliefs, issues, and practices.

Professional Training : Ongoing psycho-educational groups and workshops are offered to provide personal growth and continuing education for Psychotherapists and Counselors.

Teletherapy : This process involves Psychotherapy and Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Groups by the use of either a HIPPA compliant video platform which allows you and the therapist can see and hear each other, or by telephone (Audio only).