Giving Your Power Away

One of the most common problems that I have found to exist in many people I have worked with is that they, " give their personal power away". So many of us were raised with the idea that we need to be helpful in order to be liked, and to be generous in all of our friendships and other relationships. Though it's true that it is good to be open and willing to help our friends, family members, and others, it is also important that we place a value on our own time and knowledge, and set healthy limits and boundaries to take care of ourselves... READ MORE

How Long Does Therapy Take?

When a person who has never been in therapy calls to talk about the possibility of becoming a client of mine, it is very common for them to ask how long it will take. Most people think that the process is like going to a medical doctor with a problem. They are seen, the problem is diagnosed, and a treatment plan is established. Often, the patient is given medication and it resolves the problem. The question about how long it will take in Psychotherapy or Counseling has many more variables that effect the answer... READ MORE